Lördag 20:00 Campus-tältet

Almost ten years after its inception, Light Vibes is finally coming to fruition.

Erik Klinga and Mathias Zachrisson have been playing music together since they were fifteen years old, and first conceived of this particular dream-pop partnership way back in 2009. Only now, though, are they finally releasing their debut full-length, after dropping first EP Following back in April to widespread acclaim. Past/Present is the realisation of another side of the duo’s collaboration, with them having spent much of the past decade preoccupied with their roles in Sandviken outfit Simian Ghost.

“We started to experiment as a two-piece, especially with electronics, and it felt like a more intimate way of working straight away.” says Zachrisson of the instinctive way in which him and Klinga create their music, both working with synths and electronics to create a sound that’s both organic and synthetic.